REF – For Sale Post

I’m assuming you’ve got the text and photos ready to roll…

The process is -> Title – Text – Category – Featured Image – SEO – Publish


Select Posts – “Add New”



Enter the title in your preferred format –


55M – Willerby Westmorland




Enter the descriptive text in the main box (again it’s good idea to have it in the same order across the site – mainly to avoid people having to think)


2005 Model Willerby Westmorland

35′ x 12′

2 Bedroom

£20,000 (Park Payment options available)

£15,500 (One off payment in full)




Select the category “Caravans for Sale”




Beneath that is the Set Featured Image box –

When you click the link it takes you to the current ‘Media Library’ i.e. all the pictures that have been uploaded so far – In most instances you will need to upload a new image – so select Upload Files (Top left) – click on the Select Files button and browse on your PC to the folder where you have the prepared image ( something like…   featured-55M-willerby-westmorland.jpg) – Select the file and click ‘Open’ – The image will now upload into the media library – On the Right hand side you will see a panel with Title / Caption / Alt text / Description boxes – It’s good practice to describe the images to a) Search engines and b) disabled viewers by completing the Title and Alt text fields – I’d tend to tweak the Post Title – “55M – Willerby Westmorland” to something like “2005 – Willerby Westmorland Caravan for Sale”

Once you’re done click the blue ‘Set Featured Image’ button (bottom right)


SEO: ( WordPress SEO by Yoast)

In this bit we are just going to tweak the content so that it looks better for search engines

The Snippet Preview text shows you what Google will show on its search results.   Google OR the software will prefill this info automatically but we can tweak this to improve it slightly.


We’ll be using the SEO Title: and Meta Description: fields



The existing post title (55M – Willerby Westmorland) will have the site title added automatically to the end

(55M – Willerby Westmorland – Castle Cary Caravans)


What we want to do is feature the keywords that folk will be searching for – You will know this better than me – e.g. do folk ask for Model / Year / Bedrooms or…?   In which case you want to feature your preference


Possible Options….

Caravan for Sale -2005 Willerby Westmorland 35′ x 12′

2 Bedroom Willerby Westmorland 35′ x 12′ Caravan for Sale

2005 Willerby Westmorland Caravan for Sale


It may pay to vary these so you can look at the stats further down the line and see what works best by way of page views – (The software will tell you if the title is too long)

Also Note that to add some emphasis to the text I’ve Capitalised Most of the Important Words – RATHER THAN USE BLOCK CAPITALS (which is read as SHOUTING – by people like me anyway)



This is basically a fairly short description of the actual page content – in this case there’s probably not too much content to describe so you can use it to string all the important details together into one sentence like..

2005 Model Willerby Westmorland for sale. 35′ x 12′ 2 Bedroom £15,500

Again the software will tell you if it’s too long / how many characters you have left

Just look at the snippet preview as you’re doing this and see if it makes sense… Try and avoid exactly duplicating the Title and Description if at all possible – (not too easy given the shortage of text )



And that’s it – Click the blue ‘Publish’ button and have a look at the post / For Sale page and see it looks OK (Normally I have a Tab open on the edit screen and a tab for the actual web site so I can just switch back and forth to check for typos etc.